Roman Catholic Church of the 

 Thank You

Planning & preparing for the Feast starts a year in advance. Some volunteers work behind the scenes in the months leading up to the Feast. Others are there in force over the duration of the event. While others are there afterwards. Whatever your role, whatever your part, we truly appreciate all of your assistance! We thank all of our amazing volunteers!!! We’d also like to thank the following individuals:
   Fr. James Spera, Pastor
    * Virginia Jediny, Parish Secretary
    * Karen Colucci, Religious Ed. Secretary
    * Iris Rhein, Director of Religious Ed.
    * Deacon David & Linda Farrell, Parish Food
    * James & Nicole Motley, Parish Food
    * John & Carol Ballantyne, Parish Food
    * Martin & Annette Venturo, St. Anthony’s Cafe
    * Greg Delano, Beer Garden
    * Mike & Susanne Keicher, Beer Garden &
    * Gerald Vitale, Sponsorship
    * Leona Seufert, Publicity
    * Tom Grasso, Procession
    * Vincent Bonasissa, Procession
    *  Mary Stewart, St. Anthony Devotion
    * Anthony Giordano, MC & Entertainment
    * John Kennedy, Operations
    * Nancy Tortorelli, Confirmation Candidates
Brian & Ann Marie Peterson
Feast of St. Anthony Co-Chairmen

Thank you to all of our Feast Sponsors & Friends of the Feast for their support. Please show your gratitude by patronizing them. Don’t forget to mention that you appreciate their support of Church of the Assumption and the Feast of St. Anthony!

Please click HERE to access  a full list of our sponsors, entertainment and food vendors.